More Alerting Enhancements

Its been like a full day since our last update. We are back again with more goodies!

1. App list shows alert status

The App list now will color the application button 'red' or 'orange' depending on whether it has active Critical or Warning Violations.

2. Active Violations in App list

The App list will now show the active violations on the right side, if there are any.

3. Detailed Incidents

Viewing an incident shows you a lot more details about it.

4. Acknowledge Incidents

Now you can 'acknowledge' an incident. When someone acknowledges an incident, all other team members are notified about who acknowledged it on the configured notification channels for that policy.

In channels like PagerDuty that support it, the incident is marked as acknowledged there too.

More on the way soon...

We are just getting started!

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